Special information for the February 21 Digital Show

Next Première Vision Paris February 21 show goes exclusively digital

  • What is the Digital Show and what content will I find there?

    The digital show is an online event that will be accessible free of charge from 15 to 19 February 2021. This digital show also exists alongside the in-person show but in February 2021 the PREMIERE VISION PARIS show will not be taking place due to the pandemic.

    Access to the Digital Show is via the website, by clicking on the Digital Show section. There you can freely access:

    1. 1. Fashion and market information with:
      • A breakdown of the SS22 season
      • All the collections of Première Vision Paris exhibitors’ online:
      • A chance to talk to them, make an appointment, as well as access to +35,000 products showcased on the site that you can source and order by the meter directly from the site. And don’t forget, these functions are available all year round.
    2. Around 15 Digital Talks: these are online conferences, online seminars, all of which are free to access, simply register to attend.
  • How can I access the Digital Show?

    Simply create an account on to access all the content of the Digital Show.

    A visitor account allows you to:

    • Be identified on our digital platform in order to access all the content available for all the shows and/or digital events created by Première Vision.
    • Manage your personal and professional information and user preferences in order to provide everyone with a personalised, quality service.
    • Order your pass (and/or other available products) during shows organised by Première Vision (Première Paris, Made in France Première Vision, Denim Première Vision…) Or register for the various digital events organised throughout the year.
    • Find the pass(es) ordered at any time before the event.

    You already have a Première Vision account? Then please reboot it! It’s very quick to do, just click here.

  • More information on my account?

    Lien vers my Account

  • Is the Digital Show available to everyone? Is it free to access?

    The Digital Show is open to all fashion industry professionals whether or not they have ever been to the Première Vision Paris in-person show. Access to the Digital Show is totally free of charge.

    From when can I access the Digital Show?

    From 15 February 2021, get access to the fashion breakdowns and the free conferences. But you have access to the e-boutiques of Première Vision Paris exhibitors right now!

  • What is the difference between the Marketplace and the Digital Show?

    The Marketplace is accessible all year round and thus is your online sourcing platform accessible from

    The Digital Show is a pop-up Digital Event accessible from

    It presents content specific to the season and is the digital counterpart of the Première Vision Paris show.

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  • How can I purchase the Colour Range?

    This session, the Colour Range has changed and is now available for sale in a digital format.

    In our Première Vision boutique you will find the Spring/Summer 22 range as well as the updated Autumn/Winter 21-22 range.

    Please note, the Colour Range is only available in the Europe*, USA and Japan regions for international regulatory reasons. For other countries, please ask your local contact for more information.

    >> See the office in your region Contact your nearest PREMIERE VISION office.

    *Czech Republic, Sweden, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Romania, Portugal, Poland, Netherlands, Lithuania, Italy, Ireland, Hungary, Greece, France, Finland, Spain, Denmark, Bulgaria, Belgium, Austria, Germany