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point 2 - Montagut
A dive into colour

The French family-owned group Montagut, founded in 1880, is specialised in garment-dyed items.

Hair Custom Bar

Have a creative break on the Hair Custom Bar of Première Vision Accessories.

gilles 2
The new geopolitics of manufacturing Gilles Las...

The world’s leading trade fair for all fashion industry players, Première Vision offers a real-time snapshot of...

sourcing 2
The new geography of Manufacturing

All your fashion tailoring solutions under one roof

Your date with inspiration

A quick overview of the workings of Première Vision fashion team forward-looking analysis and trends decodings

The new geopolitics of manufacturing

Gildas Minvielle, director of the economic observatory of the French Institute of Fashion, gives us a first look at h...

New fashion forums, new inspiration itineraries

For a more transversal, more concrete decoding of the season.

Spotlight on A. Ferreira & Filhos

Spotlight ont the portuguese knitter

Monochrome Fantasy

AW 18/19 Product Highlight

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