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Prato Trade is focused on developing sustainable and eco-responsible processes throughout the textile industry.

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Hybrid elegance, modern tradition

This year, the weaver’s range of natural and synthetic fabrics is enriched with a new collection of 100% polyes...

Discover our highlight product: “Colourful Blur...

The next winter season puts the focus on colour in all its blurry and fused variety.

Discover our highlight product: “Agile Lines”

A continuous, Surrealist-inspired line, … Here are some of the creative possibilities inherent in a line.

Discover our highlight product: “Skewed Checks”

Checked motifs are back: in updated versions that tip their hats to tradition without foregoing any modernity.

Discover our highlight product: “Full Blooms”

The new motifs for winter 2019-20 are broadly inspired by florals with an intense blossoming of shapes and colours.

Discover our highlight product: “Muffled Shine”

A fine, felted shine lights up the fabrics and leathers reflecting an urge for exuberant but controlled brilliance.

Discover our highlight product: “Surprise Doubles”

The success of doubled fabrics and leathers is confirmed season after season. Double the fabric, double the surprise!

Tessilgodi: a company that has always been link...

The company shows you a series of hand-painted bags, unique pieces made with Tessilgodi fabrics.

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