Accessories new exhibitors

19 specialists make their entrance to Première Vision Accessories: metal accessories, embroidery, technical materials...

monfort pic
Sport – a superstar at Première Vision

In September, Première Vision puts sport in the spotlight with a complete itinerary featuring an expanded offer, a ne...

Your date with inspiration

A quick overview of the workings of Première Vision fashion team forward-looking analysis and trends decodings

Pascal Monfort: Sport superstar

Sport has never been so enmeshed in the world of fashion. What’s the reason, and how does it impact creativity ...

Leather Manufacturing

Solutions in terms of leather manufacturing techniques and know-how

A preview of next edition key events

A rich program: 50 seminars, workshops and conferences to provide concrete answers to fashion specialist needs…

A taste of what’s new next September 18

Next September, Première Vision Paris heads for widened horizons

Singular hybrids

A play on doubles transposed onto a modified and enhanced plant-derived universe.

Delicately powdery

A certain kind of softness and delicacy emerges in this spring summer 19 season.

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