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Première Vision Accessories Products Report

Discover the most popular products of buyers.

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Première Vision Leather February 2019

Exhibitors at Première Vision Leather once again demonstrated their dynamism and creativity with a greatly renewed pr...

February 2019 : Leather Exhibition Report

Technology, eco-responsibility and creativity are the three pillars driving the leather market.

Manufacturing Overseas1
February 2019 : Manufacturing Overseas Exhibiti...

The show’s Asia Pacific sourcing specialists inaugurated the new name of this Première Vision Paris space, now ...

February 2019 : Fabrics Exhibition Report

Pulse-racing innovation in textiles.

Manufacturing Proximity3
February 2019 : Manufacturing Proximity Exhibit...

For local sourcing, fashion is dictating research more than ever.

February 2019 : Designs Exhibition Report

This season tie-dye patterns led the research from designers and brand’s in-house design offices.

The best moments of the show in video

Discover the best moments of the February 2019 edition of Première Vision Paris.

Ecomood: Prato’s most eco-sustainable fabrics

Present at Première Vision, the project Ecomood promotes the most eco-sustainable fabrics of its member companies.

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