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September 19 Manufacturing Overseas show review

Provide a range of services to promote far-off sourcing –  this is the strategy adopted by fashion manufacturin...

September 19 Manufacturing Proximity show review

At a time when the relationship between subcontractors and principals must be as fluid as possible, garment specialis...

New : Consumer survey on eco-responsible fashion

Let’s share key figures to better understand the reality of the market, the real demands and expectations of co...

Première Vision Accessories Products Report

Discover the most popular products of buyers.

February 2019 : Leather Exhibition Report

Technology, eco-responsibility and creativity are the three pillars driving the leather market.

February 2019 : Manufacturing Overseas Exhibiti...

The show’s Asia Pacific sourcing specialists inaugurated the new name of this Première Vision Paris space, now ...

February 2019 : Fabrics Exhibition Report

Pulse-racing innovation in textiles.

February 2019 : Manufacturing Proximity Exhibit...

For local sourcing, fashion is dictating research more than ever.

February 2019 : Designs Exhibition Report

This season tie-dye patterns led the research from designers and brand’s in-house design offices.

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