Eco-Friendly creation

Smart Materials: responsible and performant mat...

Smart Materials offers an alternative vision of leather: responsible, technical and free of any creative restraints.

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Recyc Leather – don’t produce it, recycle it!

Since the 1920s, leather scraps from shoe and leather-goods factories have been recycled into a new material: synderm...

Saga Furs for quality bidding!

With fur in the spotlight, brands are quite rightly demanding full transparency from their suppliers.

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Re.VerSo™, for a circular economy!

Re.VerSo™, transforming fashion systems to design waste out toward a circular economy. Today, style, quality and a re...

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Bluesign Technologies AG, for certifiably respo...

Bluesign Technologies AG offers a certification system to bring together all the players in the supply chain

With Olivenleder, leather is greener

In an effort to combine luxury craftsmanship and responsible production, Wet Green has developed Olivenleder.

Smart Talks: ask for the program!

Let’s talk about the issues facing the fashions of tomorrow, in the heart of the Smart Square!

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Anam Ananas, new pineapple-leaf fibres for a ne...

With its Piñatex products, already adopted by leading fashion brands, Ananas Anam offers a leather alternative

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Centrocot, the keys to responsible fashion

Responsibility and sustainability taking their place as fashion’s cardinal virtues, the Centrocot Research and ...

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