Spring summer 17 Updating Highlights 

Discover the season’s latest Fashion Information, derived from a May 2016 survey of international buyers, and find the indispensable products to introduce into your collections today.

Warm colours above all, and an invigorating presence provided by “doping” green. A radiant spring summer 17, which injects new dynamism into lingerie to integrate it into everyday looks and mischievously turn overalls and apron-dresses into key pieces. A spring summer 17 season marked by harmonious confrontations, where silhouettes play on contrasts between suppleness and crunch. A seductive comfort, with fullness and width found particularly in the bottom half of the silhouette, teamed with close-to-the body tops, and layered with elegantly transparent coats. In decoration, there’s a notable enthusiasm for preferably-wide stripes, while flowers, in all their diverse expressions, are a must.


Fabrics: a (sensory) confrontation  

Brian VU

 Transparency and ultra-fineness contrast with suppleness and a feeling of substance: technical textiles and synthetics, crunchy organzas and organdies, and second-skin knits with a vaunted fineness and translucency. Transparency is worn combined and layered with light suitings, fluid and silky crepes, and cellulosic blends lending a seductive comfort. Linen has a strong presence this season, slipping into all fabrics to lend an irregular handle, and an elegantly nonchalant look.


Shapes: a (balanced) confrontation

Photo by Dan Littlen HRL Laboratories, LLC

Fullness and width are preferred on the bottom part of the silhouette: essential items are deconstructed skirts, draped and knotted in supple crepe, and wide pleated pants.Another solid bet are long tops, like big tunics in indigo and oversized shirts. To be paired with overalls, which are among the season’s must-have.