A low-key and strong minded season.

A season in two tempos. An ambitious and fearless season forging a passing between apparently opposite, yet deeply complementary, polarities.
A season searching for a sincere, fundamental, obvious quality, for disconnection and protection, counterbalanced by the gleefully extravagant, lightly ironic touch of stand-out moments.
A season to build fashion far from lukewarm compromises, to treat oneself to the freedom to have fun, to take a stance, for a technological and profoundly human future.



Wouter Dam


Energy is concentrated in understated looks, with sensory and/or functional content enriching simplicity. Clothing addresses a need to get away from the constant visual frenzy. Technology takes on a human dimension; new artificial skins reveal unique sensations. Fluids are denser, deep shimmerings mesmerize the eye. Light carapaces surround and protect, sincere handles strive for simplicity with panache.





Sortintosh by Giacomo Carmagnola ©2016


Fearlessness without provocation: it’s time to give vent to a joyful vitality. Taking a light-hearted approach to evening, courting eccentricity and not being afraid of it, daring shine with mastery and boldness. Skilfully taking an ironic approach to major archetypes to go one step further, and fully transform the classics with benevolence. Anomaly becomes an identifying characteristic and a source of personality, a way to affirm difference.