Automne Hiver 17-18 Fabrics

Tech Focus

athleisure / fitness

Power-stretch knits: ever finer and ever more elastic combined with stretch membranes to add-up
performance features.

Bi- or tri-layer fineness: ultra-performant lightness for tops and bottoms. Neat and matt surfaces, discreet, suiting-style prints.

Camouflaged camouflage: barely discernible patterns that emerge and disappear in matt/shine, mists of pixels, subtle clouds and shadows.

Fancy reflectives: over-printed or woven into weaves, ever lighter and sportier, in a playful and aesthetic functional note.


Augmented cottons: a natural that stands up to natural elements! Waterproof coatings or waxings, natural/synthetic bondings, breathable blends, waterproof and windproof membranes.

Cosy inside: 3-layer polar-bonded synthetic stretch, performant teddy-bear fleecy backs, thermal and fast-dry tee-shirt knits.

Authentic hybrids: carded wools or membraned boiled wools.

Anti-UV: for tee-shirt knits and shirts.


Inflated/botoxed: puffer mania, shock-resistant roundness, waterproof, breathable and/or wind-proof quilted fantasy. Anti-duvet fineness, pre-compartmentalized double-faces for injecting feathers.

Leather and skin aspects: a lamb-like fineness and suppleness, to pad or not, enhanced with water- and wind-proof performance.

Waterproof wools: combed suitings, flannel visuals, waterproof/breathable membranes and coatings, light and compactable weights.

Elegant neatness: impeccably waterproof synthetic blends, lustrous or satiny aspects, for the trench that does it all.

Cosmic metals: extreme shine, between satellite and disco ball.

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