Between a craving for fantasy and a demand for refinement as much as comfort , masculine elegance is being redrawn . Gently . Subtly .


We produce high quality products with relatively classic lines. Some 90% of our shirts are made of cotton and we add stretch fibres in about 10% of cases to respond to the evolution of fashion towards slimmer designs. Even the most traditional clients are moving towards more sportswear because the working world is less formal. Sometimes men even dare floral prints alongside the still very popular checks.”


Hakim Hamdouch, Dounitex
Manufacturing, 6V8-6W9


No fancy fireworks for our men’s leathers! Our lamb can be vintage or classic dipped lambskin, both raw and flexible. Certainly, the colour palette is more limited than in women’s, but this almost monochrome spirit – between faux blacks, dark browns or toast – is also more timeless. It favours patinas and improvement over time to fashion effects. We are witnessing the awakening of men to their own wardrobes, the birth of their own fashion awareness. Between their historic attraction to sportswear and its technical fabrics, and new notions of aesthetics, men are looking for updated leathers, clean lines. In short, discreet luxury.”


Thomas Eberhard, Bodin-Joyeux,


We are opening the way fora modernized tradition with new blends. Cotton, wool and silk, or cotton, cashmere and linen coexist in the same shirt with a ‘flanellised’ spirit, while flannels grow heavier. We also want to signal the arrival of a true denim, a super soft indigo that develops a patina over time and gives even more character to our shirts.”


Nilgün Dülger, Soktas
Fabrics, 6B2-6C1


For menswear, everything is over the top: precious silk / alpaca or cashmere / woolmixes, with many details, from meticulous cuffs to leather inserts or the addition of interior pockets. A strong trend is emerging with the use of jersey or cotton linings under knits, which broadens its scopeto other items instead of just sweaters: coats, pants, anything goes! The machines are the same as before; it’s the ideas that are new.”


Andrea Meschiari, N43
Knitwear Solutions, 6KW126


Joining the still very strong traditional trend, there’s a new les ceremonial formal look. We certainly offer outfits for work, but their new casual spirit – with cotton / stretch yarn mixes for example – are an answer to the recent ‘soft working’ trend.”


Gustavo Faraci, T.B.M. Groupe
Fabrics, 6D4-6E3


Our combinations of fabrics and our silhouettes are often class ic. But summers and winters seem less distinct than before! Linen, almost fragile jacquards and floral motifs are cropping up all year.”


Vidas Vaitkus, Lincasa
Manufacturing, 6Y16