What are you doing to warm us up?

> Sophie Pineau, Getex (Zoom, 6ZK2)
“Down has a natural ability to maintain the body’s temperature. By thermobonding the seams and the zippers, we can make down-coats even more waterproof. We are also presenting some mixes within the garment, like fur sleeves and leather or knit pieces.”

> Jonathan Yang, Batm (6E31)
“Our offer includes a double-face with a foam in the middle, for men’s and women’s casual coats or jackets. The face is in a woolly, chiné tweed, with a polyester membrane on the back. The sandwiched air provides ideal insulation.”

> Johan Van den Heede, Uco Raymond (6G32)
“A winter denim would be so much nicer with a cashmere weft. It’s totally invisible. Only a slight lustre appears on the back. And the handle let’s you appreciate the special softness of this jean.”

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