Stunning mixes of jeanswear and dressy looks 

A collaborative fashion area at Upper Jeanswear.


At a time when fashion is generating charming hybrids,

jeanswear takes the floor to connect fluidity and tailoring,

femininity and masculinity, craftsmanship and industry, creating,

with watchful hands and expert eyes,

new bridges between couture and jeanswear.


At a moment of intersecting genres, when old habits are overturned,

artistic expressions are celebrated and new complicities invented,

fabrics underscore shape, provide support for decoration and fuse with the body.


The many threads of this story tell of meetings between faces and backs,

empty and full areas, sculpting from selvage to selvage to create sketches of clothing.

A work devoted to finding the right perspective between blurriness and structure, where pieces resonate face to face, organise each other, move closer together, turn about and complete each other.

An artistic outlook on function and decoration with a precise, ordered and rigorous vocabulary, poeticized through the work of the Atelier Jean-Pierre Ollier.


Pockets, sleeves, folds, necklines, collars, the outer envelope – these are all elements linking jeans to the extraordinary, pushing back the technical limits of sewing and finishings, tearing up preconceptions so as to be moved by the future and join together boundaries and seams, with passion.

A collaboration between l’Atelier Jean-Pierre Ollier and the Spanish weaver Royo


Atelier Jean-Pierre Ollier
Paris – France
Artisanal methods of fabric finishing



The workshop’s creativity and originality are based on an ingenious combination of two distinct know-hows: on the one hand there are treatments and transformations of the look of the fabric through painting, bleaching, screen printing, coating, lacquering, computer graphics etc. And on the other, fabric manipulations including needle embroidery, weaving, braiding, elaboration of volumes, 3D effects and more.

The Parisian Atelier offers couture and luxury ready-to-wear houses a new approach to textile embellishment, proposing a broad range of applications – from an exceptional dress for the catwalk, to working in a smaller way on shoes.



Jean-Pierre Ollier sees his work in the Upper Jeanswear space as a sort of 3D sketchbook, a blend of intuition and research, much like the mood boards created by the Atelier for each embroidery collection. “I thought of this project more like a dialogue and encounter between two universes: denim and the know-how of the Atelier,” he said. Starting with one and the same item, of the same quality, he identified 10 states, each a starting point for his textile creativity:

Encompassing. Manipulating. Ennobling. Damaging. Coating. Mistreating. Attaching, sometimes taping together and more.

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Tejidos Royo


Royo presents 2 collections each year at Première Vision Paris. For autumn winter 1617, the Spanish weaver is showing its key products, including precious fibre blends woven in unique structured fabrics, using Lyocel, Tencel, modal, viscose and cupro , together with T400 and Lycra elastane. High-performance stretch is the company’s specialty, and luxurious aspects appear in most of the fabric lines. Special finishings add value and innovative character to both denim and non-denim fabrics.

Woollen flannel, velvet and silky handles are the main aspects of the ROYO collection.

For its collaboration with the Atelier Jean-Pierre Ollier, Royo chose a pure, original and modern denim, “The denim of tomorrow,” as they like to call it.

This is a mid-weight red cast 3/1 denim with sophisticated ring character and a red cast. The low energy dyed indigo is made from organic cotton and regenerated cotton taken from recycled post consumer clothing.
The fabric is thus a sustainable denim made with an outstanding “Down to Earth” process. It is named RENASCUT, which means “Reborn” in Valencia where ROYO is based.

Royo : Specialized area Upper Jeanswear, Hall 6 North, Booth 6F35

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