Sporty elegance


A trendy sporty look, where luxury rhymes with easy-to-wear. Once the antidote to tradition, the new wave of sportswear has profoundly redefined style codes. From low-key technical details to sporty models shot through and through with elegance, the world of sports is  shaping the casual-chic looks of tomorrow, for  clothes that are uninhibited, technical, comfortable. For LMA, the key to this new crossover style is fabric research combining luxury, comfort and performance (antibacterial, anti-UV). At RIRI, these same technical wonders sketch out the style of new zip fastenings that are visible, multi-hued, waterproof and resistant. Details injecting the most classic models with an elegant touch of fitness.

Première Vision Fabrics, Hall 5 & 6

Première Vision Accessories, Hall 4