Recycled and sophisticated

Recycled fi bres grow more noble, with more quality in both their look and feel. Second-hand prejudices are over. Their past is part of their value, but knows how to stay invisible. This second generation of recycleds is unabashedly oriented towards fashion products. At Bel Maille (5N24), a striped taupe and black winter jersey is knit from recycled cotton. Albano Morgado (6L3) enrich a two-tone tartan in wool broadcloth with 10% recycled cashmere. A suiting wool from Shandong Nanshan (6R4-6S3) – a gabardine with fi ne almost invisible stripes – is in recycled polyester wool. And shirtings are no exception: Verne & Clet (6F15) combines recycled cotton and recycled polyester for a casual shirt with a gently chiné appearance. Destro Diffusion (6G28) presents a broken twill with an indigo look in recycled cotton for casual jackets and pants.

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