Performant and ecological

Specialists in functional and performant fabrics are the pioneers of eco-responsible fabrics. At Schoeller Textil (6H7), 3D Spacer knits for jackets, dresses and inserts are water-resistant thanks to an «eco-repel» treatment that avoids the use of carbon fluorine. And with its delicate wind-stop fabric, in a citifi ed windproof and antiperspirant chambray herringbone, Formosa Taffeta (6E20) has an outdoors fabric to delight nature lovers with its eco-friendly treatment on a recycled polyester. Meantime, Sympatex Technologies (6G12) plays a twin hand of protection and maximum comfort with a waterproof and breathable recycled polyester, treated to an eco-friendly finishing. And the extremely functional lace at Iluna (5J8) is stretchy, bleach-resistant and antibacterial. What makes it even more appealing is its certifi ed-ecological finishing. For machine-washable lingerie that always stays fresh.

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