Get an insider's view of the manufacturing of Leavers lace

Let Dentelle de Calais-Caudry® label members take you behind the scenes at Dentelles Jean Bracq, Noyon Dentelle, Darquer, Solstiss, Sophie Hallette among others…

Launched one year ago, this new label qualifies more exactly the territory where all leavers lace factories exclusivley are : the cities of Calais and Caudry in the North of France.


Find them at Première Vision Fabrics next week :

  • Beauvillain Davoine 5K7
  • Dentelles André Laude 5K5
  • Dentelles Mery 5J3
  • Dentelles MC 5J4
  • Jean Bracq 5J4
  • Noyon/Darquer 5J1
  • Solstiss 5H2
  • Sophie Halette / Riechers Marescot 5H4/ 5J7