Fewer chemicals, more green energy

Electro-galvanizing, chemical colouring, laminating … technologies coming into play in the manufacturing of metallic accessories consume a lot of both resources (water, energy) and chemical components, and generate a lot of waste. Convinced that a more ecological approach is possible, Prym Fashion Italia (Accessories, 4D33-4E32) brings together the most sustainable ideas, methods and know-how under the acronym L.I.F.E.TM (Low Impact Finish Ensemble). Utexbel (Fabrics, 6G24-6H27) also emphasises energy savings (- 25% in 3 years) and is looking to move away from petrochemicals, proposing organic (and fair-trade) cottons, or recycled polyester fibres. At Conceria Conti (Leather, 3D82), chrome-free is already yesterday’s news. Today, it’s «metal-free» in tanning and finishing. All you had to do was ask.