Favourites from the jury of the PV Awards 2014

Pascaline Wilhelm, Fashion Director, Première Vision
“I really like this sample from Cerrus Tessile (6C8-6D7). It’s mixed and hybrid, it combines a silky and a casual cotton, blends matt and shine, brings together red and blue, and brings the cut-yarn technique and velvet together. It’s vibrant, washed, lively, some would call it a bit destroyed. It’s almost little windows opening up onto its inner light. All these double readings make it really modern.”

Luca Zanatta, Fabrics & Materials Research & Development Offi ce Coordinator, Diesel
“I liked the new scuba interpretation at Dinamo Contemporary (6N4-6P3). It’s actually an uncut velvet, very supple and washed. The surface looks broken by the finishing, giving it the look of elephant skin. The approach is really interesting.”