Fanciful and eco-conscious

Eco-friendly product developments are opening up to all decorative techniques: jacquard, lace, print, yarn-dyed. It’s not enough any more to be appealing, it’s important to be eco-conscious. At Stephen Walters & Sons (5J20), evening- jacquards feature eco-friendly fi nishings. As do prints from Akbaslar Tekstil (5B20-5C23), for more everyday occasions, in knits or wovens with engineered or all-over motifs. For an ensemble or supple jacket, Subalpino (6N2) has a recycled and naturally dyed wool gauze, in a little diamond design. At Linea Balli S. (6M26), a soft and brushed plaid check in a wool, polyester and polyamide blend is woven from recycled yarns. Tianhai Lace (5L2-5M1) combines organic cotton and a recycled synthetic in a play on tulle and foliage with large branches. Even outdoors combines fantasy with an eco-conscious, like the printed moleskin for jackets or pants, the result of an organic washing process at Jaeil Chemical (6E29).

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