Coats bloom again

© TGM International (5E30-5F29)

Decoration rises to the top; flowers put their heart and soul into embellishing coats. By needlepunching a print to a woolen, Linea A.L. (5M43) heads out to conquer winter with a climbing flower blurred in a woolly cloud. TGM International (5E30-5F29) goes for a more pictorial, masterpiece, mood fusing a still-life motif to a brushed broadcloth. Duksung (6C4-6D3) targets evening coats and glamorous trenches with a large ikat floral scattered on a thick water-repellent satin. An even flowers have hairy petals if you believe the printed fake furs at Texapel (5M46-5N47) and Ningbo Beiwei Textile (5G51). Spring will surely be part of the holidays.