A certain fantasy slips incognito into spring summer 16

(Photo: Cotonificio Albini (Fabrics, 6G4-6H3))


A 30-minute charge for 10 minutes of exposure – that’s the promise of the «glow in the dark» finishing at Paltex (Fabrics, 6F18). This print, only for polyester and nylon, appears in the dark after sufficient exposure to light. Discover their very traditional, hunting-style green/brown bonding concealing a bed of leaves. The casual chic jackets at Bizden Giyim (Manufacturing, 6V13) seductively hide their fantasy, playing on Oriental-style doubles. At Cotonificio Albini (Fabrics, 6G4-6H3), one image can hide another. With tiny cut-yarn motifs on end-and-ends or classic ginghams, micro patterns instil a touch of dandyism into their elegant shirtings.