6 viewpoints

Adeline Sapin / Anna Rodilosso / Alberto Tubaldo / Alicia Villodres / Daniele Gagliani / Mette Borgen


“It’s true that flowers are classics, especially for us as lace-makers.
I want to rework them almost every season, just changing a composition or a colour to update a theme. We also play on texture, thickness or extreme fineness. This season, we have developed a lot of new flowers in large repeats with various grounds, like two-tone engineered florals on a mesh ground or stylised pastoral motifs on a real net ground. Overall, the focus is on the drawn lines of the flower, with a modernised, somewhat geometric background.”
Adeline Sapin, Solstiss (Fabrics, 5H2)

“Of course, flowers are a must.
But we try to move as much as possible away from traditional interpretations. I take lots of photos, everywhere, in the streets, in exhibitions. After, I paint the flowers on silk organza. For this season, I drew a very refined floral design, and minimalist, in two-tone on a greige background inspired by traditional Japanese fabrics. I also created a very simple flower that was almost a child’s drawing.”
Anna Rodilosso, Fancyroses by Rodilosso (Fabrics, 5F46-5G45)

“We are presenting huge, almost giant flowers,
that are blurry and play on abstraction. We also betting on 3D effects with yarn thicknesses or flowers embroidered on an already flowered fabric.”
Alberto Tubaldo, Lusi Ricamificio (Fabrics, 5M10)

“With flowers, I always begin by pa inting or drawing them by hand with a pen or pencil.
They’re an almost essential subject, that we can treat in unlimited ways. Dried flowers inspired me this season, which allowed me to purify the line. I am also showing ambiances featuring tropical vegetation inhabited by animals, flowers and succulent plants.”
Alicia Villodres (Designs, 5U52)

“Flowers are a big par t of our collection of textile accessories.
We make them in a very wide range of materials: leather, fabric, plastic, plexiglass, organza, felt, feathers, raffia. This time, we used lasers a lot, to cut out the petals of leather flowers, or perforate them.”
Daniele Gagliani, Katy (Accessories, 4A8)

“It’s a kind of challenge to upda te floral motifs,
but there’s still plenty to do. In our collections, flowers fill up with other motifs, dazzle with multiplied petals, stretch out and grow large to flirt with abstraction.”
Mette Borgen, Longina Philipps (Designs, 5X21)