Première Vision Designs September 2015

From the 15th to the 17th of September, Première Vision Designs took place in the city of Paris. With 247 international studios presenting their collection, ARTS THREAD report from the show on the key trends and to speak with a selection of the exhibitors.


  • Mixed References: Recognisable elements disrupt each other. The digital is paired with the classical and the traditional goes hand in hand with the ultra-modern.
  • Assembled Rationality: Colours, graphics, lines, angle and spots provide sharp structures.
  • Combinations: Two worlds are merged together to give an effective, explicit contrast. Photo-collages, doctored images and haphazardly placed writing all apply.
  • Subtlety: Expression is sensitive and made up of drawings, water-coloured surfaces, blurred nuances and graceful nature.
  • Layers: Layers and overlays show the hand of the artist and a tangible emotion. Lines are multiplied, brush strokes are repeated and illustrations are stained with gouache.




Colette and Blue are a trend-driven print studio who work with freelance designers from all over the world. Based in New York City, they focus on conversationals for girls and womenswear. In terms of trends, they highlighted mixed print, as well as textual and distressed detailing.


Paul Vogel are specialists in yarn and woven material. When it came to trends, they explained how everything is coming down to more texture and more fabric and how you make a fabric look more expensive.


Printfresh Studio are a textile design studio based in Philadelphia, USA. Their aesthetic revolves around boho, hippy inspired designs and they produce for the larger, more commercial retailers. When it came to trends, they noted the boho trend and conversational motifs, like critters and hearts.


Julia Pines is London based knit studio with a graphic twist. She noticed graphic, monochromatic and bright flora colours as the key trends.


Austria based Fluxus Design Studio focus on t-shirts which revolve around modern, young placement prints. They highlighted geometrics, abstract designs and motifs that revolve around clouds and the universe as particular standout trends.


Jack Jones Design are a London based print studio specialising in womenswear, childrenswear and swimwear. Trends to take not on were William Morris decade boho, geometrics, linear florals and monochromes with one pop of colour.


Karolina York are a Sydney based print studio producing bright, colour focused designs. Detailed botanical florals, hand-made detailing and ethnic culture clash were the three trends they drew attention to.


Bay & Brown’s USP lies in the fact that they’re a “very hand-painted” studio. Based in London and going for 10 years, their aesthetic is a sophisticated one. In terms of trends, tribal looks, bold placements, oriental decorative and paisleys were all mentioned.


Hive Studios focus on embellished and embroidered work, with no print. They tailor themselves for the womenswear market from high street to high end. They’re based in Bedford, England. They mentioned stitch over embellishment and folk as two of their top trends.


Fiona Colquhoun Design are specialists in knitwear and sell to a wide market range. Based in London, they focus on detail and strive to offer something new. With trends, they expressed that customers are looking for detailing that’s new yet affordable.


Brasedesign are based in Cologne and focus on hand-painted and simple prints. They don’t follow runway trends and are international in their thinking. Trends highlighted were minimals, reduced sophisticated prints, florals and art deco inspiration.