YOU HAVE TO STAY ONE STEP AHEAD. We pay attention to what takes place on the catwalks, of course, but we really believe inspiration can come from anything … sometimes even the small things. You need an ability to feel something in the air… What we really want is for our clients to look forward to each of our collections. So we have to stay on top too!  Dan handles sales and the company in general. At the start of Cake, all his holidays were spent at Première Vision, between Paris and New York. Now, beginning last year, he’s here all the time! I oversee the creative side. I have a reputation for being an “experimenter.” I was known for cooking the knits when I was a knitwear designer! And in my family, women have always founded companies. I carried on the tradition by launching Cake! We always paint by hand, but it’s a point of pride to develop digital versions as high in quality as the originals. Cake designers must master their pencils, their brushes and their CAP software equally well. Our designs have to trigger an idea, a story, a collection … Our day-to-day is fun, extremely creative, and no two days are alike. As the English saying goes, if you love your job you’ll never work a day in your life.


Carol Martyn and her husband Dan Martyn, founders of Cake Studios, Première Vision Designs (5X20) with their brush and pencil.