Knit Studios

Indigo plays the knit card

Profoundly essential to the fashion industry, the universe of design knits will be part of the next Indigo Paris show, with a range of approaches and techniques presented by specialised studios. Among these, The Design Factory with its innovative aesthetic, Knit-1 with the modernity of its techniques, and All Knitted with its deliberately experimental vision.

The Design Factory

Producing knitwear that’s all about doing things simply, softly and calmly but nevertheless making a strong statement, The Design Factory use subtle fabrics and rich details to create effective simplicity. Exploring the use of different techniques on finely selected, rich fabrics, The Design Factory’s real strength lies in the clever and innovative combination of stitch techniques.



Looking to provide unique and new ideas to inspire individual ranges, new skills and fashion understanding is Knit-1. Showing fine gauge double knitted dresses at Indigo Paris this September, sharp acid yellows and powder blues will be shown through a selection of modern techniques.


All Knitted

Intensive, Urbanity, Clouded and Outdoorsy are the four main trends All Knitted have been working with in the production of the work to be shown at the upcoming Indigo Paris. Experimenting with unusual but workable colour stories that are becoming ever-brighter over time, knit structure and printing effects are used to push the boundaries each season.