Embellishments set the tone at Indigo

With the ability to completely alter the design of a piece of work and add another layer of decorative detail, embellishments are a key component to the design industry. As well as a number of other embellishment studios showcasing at Indigo Paris this September are Story Designs, See+Quins, Hive Studio and Shooling Designs. Although encompassing different methods in their design and in their approach to embellishments, all three bring a fresh perspective to their specialism.

Story Designs

Beautiful, modern and feminine are the words that Story Designs choose to describe their work. Drawing upon trends, whilst being sure to never imitate in the process, the Story Design pieces bring a fresh and eclectic point of view to embellishments. Specialising in intricate hand beading and appliqué work, they will be showing a new collection as well as a new venture into combining their work with prints.



Seeing embellishments as something to enhance an item because of their ability to change the very nature of the original piece, See+Quin’s embellishments are created using traditional techniques of beading, appliqué and fabric manipulation. Showing a fashion focused collection of new embellishments for Indigo Paris, See+Quin combine delicate forms with bold arrangements.


Hive Studio

Hive Studio is a textiles studio specialising in unique embroidery and embellishment swatches for women’s fashion. For the AW15 season, Hive Studio will showcase creations from the high street up to luxury level. Constantly researching and experimenting with different palette combinations, they mix the traditional with modern creativity to bring conceptual results to life.


Shooling Designs

Shooling Designs main forte has been surface development for the high street & premium upmarket customer’s. This season they will be presenting multi techniques originated in India , like zardozi, Shibori (tie dye techniques), ikat, water washed dye over thread & metal embroidery work , new shape sequin work , abstract dyeing fused with metal sequin work , sulphur acid dyeing of fabrics to create surfaces with unique colour interest . Their designs are conceptual and take inspiration from phenomena’s of nature.