Borderline Fantasy

(Picture : Dutel Création)

Breaking down borders, outsmarting the rules, daring impertinence, oxymoron and paradox: these are the watchwords of the new SS 2017 graphic season, marked by excess and provocation.

With the Museum of Modern Art in Paris just recently honouring the timeless talent of Andy Warhol, textile designers are freely seizing on past art inspirations to pervert the shapes and rewrite the codes: colourful, crazy, daring, the new motifs resulting from this quest for all-out originality are sure to be proudly eccentric, and joyfully borderline.


Designer Sarah Corynen (Designs, 5Y12), likes to dictate trends rather than follow them: her stylized motifs mimicking collage are suggestive of outsider art due to their simplified lines, but also reflect David Hockney and the Nabis, through a particularly expressive use of colour. “In My Tropical Garden”, the latest project by this Belgian designer, well sums up the spirit of her work, flouting borders to dictate its own rules: plants, birds, and fruits straight out of an Eden-like garden are dreamily beautiful, large and colourful, a fairy tale with a gentle touch of madness.



At Dutel Création (Fabrics, 5G4 5H3), colours are very bright, almost fluorescent, and contrasts in scale between micro and macro inject a touch of zaniness in figurative and hand-drawn motifs that echo both Impressionists and pop art.



Macro scales and punchy colours are also key ingredients in recent developments at the Studio Primka of Carla Primiceri (Designs, 5Z31), which play on irreverence and a mix of styles through ethnic, floral and animal figurative motifs veering happily on abstraction and a playful freehand style.