M – Thermocolor – The treatment that made possible the colour change of woven labels thanks to a thermal boost.







Colour is an element of vivacity, glee and MUTATION, too. Driven by this emotional mood, Emmetex creative staff conceived and realized woven labels with a double identity, unveiled with a simple HEAT play. Woven accessories, primarily woven labels, but even patches and tapes, produced according to required colours, undergo a bath with heat reactive pigments which interacts with the jacquard base giving origin to a second chromatic identity. Following the action of a heat stress, like, for example, a slightly strong pressure of a hand, the applied colour is made invisible and discloses the original colours of the accessory. This is a SMART application, a chameleonic device of extreme simplicity. This development will allows stylists to conceive new solutions for swimsuits, t-shirts, shoes, accessories.