Spring-Summer 17


Season / Colours


Spring Summer 17 is guided by the captivating laws of attraction.
This season cultivates good vibes to bring closer worlds that are sometimes in opposition. It combines softness and performance, encourages rawness and modernity to dialogue, binds mysticism with authenticity.




Romanticism is captivated by technology, generating an electro-poetic force, a visionary softness both experimental and feminine.
In High Definition, intangible visions give rise to high-tech vegetation, inciting us to gently brush surfaces that are playing with illusions, between fragile darks and strong pastels.






The power of the earth’s attraction binds us to the origins and the primal nature of roots.
Raw materials express their power and tend towards a new form of modernity. Balance is established between rudimentary and perfected, between ultra-materiality and fragility.





Jewellery exerts its power of attraction.
A veritable fascination operates with stones of hypnotic colours.
Captivating findings are like amulets, exuding an almost mystical energy.
The other face of this enchanting magic is all contemplation and sobriety, with beads of metal that envelope and sacralise the body with precious shells.






Showstopping accessories find their perfect colour match in the Première Vision SS17 palette.

Shades find a subtle balance in bold half-tones,
between “assertive” pastels and muted saturated hues.

Accessories play with complementarity, colours such as Aspic, flushed purple or jade evanescence
will display their glazed shine on sombre items, solarise neutrals,
affirming their presence with profoundly matt or light satin finishes on diaphanous silhouettes.

PVAccessories_SS17  PVAccessories_SS17