Upper Jeanswear

An updated jeanswear concept dedicated to fashion brands, Hall 6

Fashionable fabrics, garments and finishings

Find out the Upper Jeanswear weavers at Première Vision Fabrics Hall 6

Find out the Upper Jeanswear manufacturers at Première Vision Manufacturing Hall 6

Weavers – Garments Manufacturers – Laundries

Upper Jeanswear meets the growing demand from fashion brands enriching their denim lines by giving them the keys to successful jeanswear collections.

A quality jeanswear offer at Première Vision Fabrics

Driven by the fashion for jeanswear and by evolutions in casualwear, denim-makers and cotton weavers have moved their technology and know-hows closer together, to anticipate the needs of relaxed and elegant fashions. So Première Vision has decided to put together jeanswear specialists with an international, selective and complementary offer in the Upper Jeanswear area, Hall 6.

Because jeanswear and fashion are growing more and more inseparable

Jeanswear isn’t just for insiders – it’s also a key fashion story. None of the major designers or labels can do without jeanswear in their collections, and “denim fashions” are carving out an ever larger share of the market.

Highlighting jeanswear know-how

An area totally updated which capture the identity of the industry to enhance the uniqueness of the products and know-how associate to a new, interactive and informative animation.


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