A short tour through Manufacturing know-hows


Casual tee-shirts, classic shirts or high-end dresses, quality, speed or personalization, timeless know-how or a responsiveness to trends: the new organization by specialties at Première Vision Manufacturing helps highlight the specifics of each activity sector and company, tracing out a rich and international panoply of fashion manufacturers

For men’s shirt specialists Marfel et Idou Confection in the new Shirts Up sector, quality and know-how take precedence over trends. One of them is Portuguese, the other is Moroccan, but they both put an attention to detail at the centre of their work. Yet they aren’t averse to a bit of fantasy either, with geometric micro-motifs that update classic poplins preferred by the first, and vitamin-boosted colours in linen shirts or feather weight voiles by the second.

Technical know-how and quality of materials are all the more crucial for exhibitors in the Special Skills sector, such as Davimalhas and Somani Sociedad Textil, the first specialising in seamless circular knits for underwear and casual fashions, the second in all kinds of items for homewear, children’s fashions and robes.

For Men’s Fashion Cluster, from Bulgaria, and Christian ABC, from Romania – two specialists in the Suitwear sector – personalization and responsiveness are fundamental added-values. The Bulgarian brand guarantees flash deliveries on orders from any entity, while the Romanian family business guarantees total personalization, for everything from technical clothing to luxury ready-to-wear and uniforms.

At Softwear, Tiffany International‘s high-end manufacturing expertise and Cabilux-Mosaic‘s complex finishings and assembly combine a sensitivity to trends and the stylistic expertise of Iya Tekstil and Cunningam, with proposals ranging from spidery laces at the first, to a silver-laminated scuba injecting a rock touch to classic women’s jackets at the second.

Trend development also plays a major role at Marsa Fashion Company, in Tees & Co., where success is growing for their dimmed shine effects and mixes incorporating knits, lace and open-work knits for a casual chic look.

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