Spring Summer 17 Yarns


For Spring Summer 17, the refinement of yarns is an invitation to plays on alliances between transparency and opacity, fragility and rusticity, fineness and texture. The evanescent lightness of extra-fine fibres is brought out through contrasts with plant fibres. Spun fibres and smooth or textured filaments encourage blends, to give bloom to textiles with opalescent aspects, moving behaviours, and expressive, airy textures.


 1 filtresindiscrets_saison_PVYarns_SS17

2 transparenceintermittente_saison_PVYarns_SS17

3 soliditéaérienne_saison_PVYarns_SS17

4 ondulationmouvante_saison2_PVYarns_SS17 3


Yarn delicacy favours transparency and games of revealing/concealing. Textured and foamy filaments spark plays on overlapping voiles, and flounced effects to accumulate in layers. Refined slubbed effects, knops and bouclés generate softly vibrant translucent surfaces. Combed cotton yarns adorned in metalloplastic sparkle suggest the emergence of voiles with diaphanous textures, and subtle fantasy.






Plant fibres with visible irregularities lend themselves to blends with artificial and synthetic regular yarns, to generate partial-transparency effects in stripes or in all-over. Cable yarns, flat yarns and coarse yarns are revealed thanks to tangible/intangible contrasts in combination with extra fine yarns. Natural fibres team-up with synthetics to generate voiles enlivened with monochromatic fantasy.





The structure of yarns is an invitation to construct airy textiles, and openworked networks that are both resistant and delicate. Double and triple twists, synthetic filaments, sturdy linens and hemps are loosely knit, and woven in open structures. Yarns covered in metalloplastic polyester enable the development of strong openwork constructions. Plant fibres will reveal their nature lightly, thanks to plays on openwork, and rustic nets and mesh.





The lightness and fineness of yarns will give rise to moving textiles, to knits and wovens with a wavy fluidity. Cellulosic blends, synthetic filaments and gleaming silks will reveal themselves in liquid oscillations. Stretch polyesters will combine with matt cottons to generate foamy knits with soft undulations. Chinés take on vibrant tones, and throwns adorn themselves in metallic glints to enliven plains and decorations with lively reflections.