Spring Summer 17 Designs


The Spring Summer 17 season plays with limits in an amusing, disruptive, daring way.
Brian_Vu_Other copie

It blatantly lets line take the spotlight and makes an impression through color.

Taking chances and playing with proportions, it opens the door to experimentation and sequential discovery through multiple readings and layers.
Impactful messages highlight, embellish, define, conceal or clearly flaunt, constantly setting a rhythm and cropping up in surprising places.

It introduces us to bizarre characters and recounts curious tales by reinventing contemporary myths and drawing on endless imagination.
In a celebration of hesitation, a curve or a skid, a study in movement offers up new answers to the classics and other spirited reinterpretations.

A season of happiness and casualness, with sharp – even stinging – irony, makes spring-summer 17 anarrhythmic balancing act, peppered with frank affirmations and rewarding hesitations.

Matthew_Stone_ ImaginalSpaceRendering-72x48in-183cmx122cm-2015-DigitalPrintandAcryliconLinen