Autumn Winter 17-18 Yarns

Twist & Turn

Starting right from the yarns, the season heads off in a new direction full of motion and lively textures, visuals and behaviours. Spinners’ fancy products will increase the visual impact of stitch plays.


Extreme Turns

PW _MG_3825

Extreme and combined contrasting twists, S and Z duos, fine and springy crêpe yarns in natural and artificial fibres, synthetics with a mechanical elasticity, to open the way to lively, springy, constantly moving fabrics.

Expressive throws

coul matiere tube 3 copie2

Assemblies of fine yarns and thick counts, slub yarns with graphic coverings, throwns with pronounced texture, two-toned blurries, contrasting jaspé yarns, combinations of filament shine and fibre mattness, to make surfaces vibrate and enrich fabric textures.

Rounded fantasy

AB-RIEnov11-13 1 copie

Eccentric yarns accentuate roundness, confetti knops create pointillist effects. Magnified loops in woollen blends, exaggerated gimp yarns, undulating throwns, cosy tricotines and cording, for knits and wovens with a pulpy relief

Evenly moving

Refik anadol- infinity room

Elongated and refined vegetal fibres, viscose filament, sophisticated Lyocell blends, barely twisted multistrand synthetics, smooth and fine yarns, to generate a runny and light fluidity, to lend a silky note to suppleness.

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