Autumn Winter 17-18 Knitwear Solutions

Twist & Turn

The season heads off in a new direction full of motion and lively textures, visuals and behaviours. Knits will generate shapes that revolve around the body – wrap it, leave it in a spin and celebrate the bias.

Stitch & Knits



Twill spirit

Knits with a gabardine or herringbone look, imitation weaves with macro yarns slipped in the weft, tucking, cables and openwork drawn on the diagonal, decorative knit narrowing and pronounced partial knitting, intarsias and jacquards with motifs on the bias.

Arch Green snedker studio

Graphic Shifts

Fancy yarns inject motion into patterns, contrasting throwns blur jacquards, spinning textures disturb stitch plays, creatively mixed-up yarn counts throw off stripes, and bouclé effects partially erase motifs.  


Flip side

Reversible knits, perfectly opaque double jerseys, backless plated ribs, and strong contrasts between faces and backs are worked in plains or openworked versions for vibrant effects, mixed-up plays on colours and textures, interactions and reversals of faces/backs.

Shapes & Cuts

AB-Dongdaemoun KR5842 copie


Knits and handknits with twill-like changes in direction that meet and separate to create sharp shapes, accentuated partial knitting for clothes constructed on the diagonal, visible knit-narrowing and yokes emphasising the bias.

Duet © Elizabeth Kendall


Roundabout knits for clothes that generously surround and wrap, either for comfort or to emphasize the waist. Sweater/scarf hybrids, part belt part tank top. New directions for crossover tops and kimonos, to be worn with a cosy elegance.

Discover inspiration by visiting The Forum at the heart of the Première Vision show.