Autumn Winter 17-18 Fabrics

Outer & Over

Blousons, Pants and Casual Dresses

Welcoming warmth: brushed cottons and wool blends, supple flannels and suiting visuals, in knits and wovens. Cosy denims, in wool blends or with snuggly backs. Patterns in the shadows and clean blurries free of rusticity.

Velvets and velveties: extreme corduroys, either almost smooth baby cords or fat ribs, skilfully enriched with viscose or cashmere. Moleskins with suede handles. Fine and smooth emerisings.

Supple heaviness: cottons and denims with a full thickness, with marked weaves for an illusion of weight and a marshmallow suppleness. The fluidity of Cupro and Lyocell with more weight and body for casual and chic jackets, pants or dresses. In knits and wovens.

Everyday fantasy:pant-weight, ultra-decorative stretch jacquards, casual and denim dobbies and mini figureds.

Omni-stretch: mandatory comfort for pant-weight cottons. For men’s or women’s, city or casual wear. Soft elasticity or power stretch.


Super-size: XXL yarns or patterns. Oversize, engineered checks and herringbones.
Very thick puffy yarns trace out weaves in relief, without weight. Ribbon yarns in tweeds.

Hyper decoration: highly colourful graphic woollens, tri-toned jacquards, geometric fake furs, floral tapestries, printed wools and a home-furnishings spirit Embroidery on wool.

Extra-soft & light: fantasy quiltings and puffiness, supple shearlings, super airy brushed fabrics and mohairs, cosy torn-outs. Blurry pronounced textures, bold and diffuse colourways in knits and wovens.

Outer comfort:bi-stretch double weaves, broadcloth with an elastic curviness, coat knits imitating wovens or round compact knits.

Neat tech:elegant polyamide blends, water-repellent cottons, refined bondings and scubas, clean waxed textiles.

City Suits / Jackets

Impeccable: neat diagonals in stretch cotton or wool, ultra-even surfaces and weaves, for sharp and comfortable lines. Knit/woven and sport/chic wool bondings.

Non-rustic stippling: mini specklings, more spaced out tweedies and micro-knops, fine jaspés on jacket and pant weights.

Resolute patterns: from wide tennis stripes with hesitant lines, to bold stick stripes or muted club and university stripes. Surprising backs, doubly decorative reversibles.

Puffy lightness: fine flannels and combed wools with vaporous handles. Contrasts between ultra-strict and foamy handles. Ultra-chic nonchalance.

Precious wools: subtly scintillating accents, points of light, figured suitings in matt/shiny tone-on tone, perfect lustre.



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