Autumn Winter 17-18 Fabrics

Evening Focus

graphic simplicity

Geometric-style bouquets, angular petals, thickened inserts.
Simplistic flowers, warm folk embroidery.
Embroidery, guipure and cut yarns with super simplified graphics, shadow-puppet patterns.
Lace drawn in stripes.
Ultra-precious nested geometries, rhythmic and sequined.
Rigorous guipure with a wrought iron look, evenly worked chains and grids.

luxurious strict

Stretch silkies, opulent and minimal synthetic satins and twills, double-faced with colour backs for couture trenches or coats.
Richly incised plains in monochrome jacquards, relief engraved in tone-on-tone, studied plays on weaves and grains.

metallic light

Shine emerging from metalloplastic or lamé yarns and sequins. Laminations and coatings grow scarcer.
The precious fineness of metallic-yarn lace and embroidery.
Precious patinas, aged golds, patinated coppery aspects, tarnished silvers.
Not really gold, not only silver: the palette grows broader. Brown, green, or blue-toned metals.
Covering sequins, all-over lamés. Panné velvets like liquefied metal.

Out of scale

Jacquards, cut-yarns and embroideries with spectacular sizes and calm colours.
Patterns with a strong graphic impact, sidestepping archival standards.
All-overs in a wallpaper scale. Jacquards in a home-furnishings scale.
Attenuated colours, as if softly faded by time.
Very open tulle, enlarged lace.


Coloured lights in the darkness for jacquards and embroideries with a strange naturalism. Bouquets engineered in night lighting, a poisonous nature seen under a black light, flowers throbbing with artificial light, vegetation worked in a glitchy pointillism.

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