Autumn Winter 17-18 Fabrics

Best Sport & Outdoor

No more running after citywear here. Buyers have dropped any thought of mimicking either tailoring or casualwear…They are doubling down on a real meeting of natural and synthetic fibres that optimizes functional products. And they are re-focusing on technological features, the notion of fundamental comfort. This search for performance combines with eco-responsible approaches, with an 8-fold increase in requests for recycled polyester. 

Delicate protection

Constriction-free protection is the goal this winter 1718. All the light performant textiles were chosen: featherweight waterproofs and wind-stops, slimmer bondings, stretch and weightless multilayers. Suppleness had its highest score in 10 years, confirming that priority is given to fabrics that know how to accompany the body, even in dense versions, with shape-memory, malleable and fuller textiles.


Huggably soft

This winter, buyers are going for technical fabrics that are cosy, like plush toys for children. Another story focused on comfort! Fans of polyesters with finely sueded surfaces, buyers went beyond mere surface softness, diving into the softness of double-faces with thermal backs, soft fleeces, sleek furs, and woolly interiors.


Ultra-smooth surfaces

Plains score the highest they ever have, relegating semi-plains and crepons to the back shelf. The requests were unanimous: no irregularity. Smoothness, evenness, and simple structures – everything that makes the glory of plain weaves and twills. Added-value is sought in density and the quality of materials.


  • Neo camouflage

There’s nothing military about the selections, even though the selected motifs are directly inspired by lattices. Preferred camouflage patterns move decisively away from uniforms, and are now reflecting, subtly metallic, stylised like pixels, elaborated in jacquards and featuring colourings decidedly not inspired by nature.


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