Autumn Winter 17-18 Designs

The great escape

The autumn winter 17-18 season invites us to get away and express our wildest dreams.

It invents its own reality and extrapolates it. It hurls itself into fantasy with a quite likeable frenzy.
Gently meandering, diving into the past
to reinterpret it with a kind of exhilaration.
An urge to explore a richly mysterious inner world, a scientific mind deciphering nature with precision.
A desire to plunge into another universe, but at the same time break out of the existing framework.
Pushing the limits of what’s fathomable, and even what’s acceptable, looking at the world upside down, playing with counter meanings,
wearing distortion goggles and giving free rein to the language of a cheeky subconscious.
Resolute choices for a season that makes a very strong impact – evidently!