Autumn Winter 17-18 Designs

Escaping into extravagance

Inspirations 2

Yes to accumulation

Yes to fearless combinations, yes to history and the naive, yes to ironic shifts and unrelated assemblies. More is more, anything goes! The artist questions the sphinx, without worrying about misinterpretations or anachronisms.

Creation celebrates polarities

Naïve and innocent, unusual and sometimes irreverent freedom of expression. Figuratives escape into a slightly crazed imaginary world, narratives play with myths and reinterpret symbols.

Popular icons and symbols

Pencilled, embroidered, painted with precision folded, fused, inked with glee, composed of everyday objects, stained-glass or motifs, historical figures and imaginary heroes, all step boldly inside these fabulous artworks. The decorative plays with mixes of cultures,the East and art brut merge into mad allegorical scenes.

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