Autumn Winter 17-18 Designs

Delicately inventing

Inspirations 3

Infinitely small

The eye is sharpened to the extreme. Engraving grows more refined, skilfully criss-crossing to let the prodigiously tiny evoke a notion of unfathomable space. Nature disappears into the microscopic, and florals find escape in ethereal universes.

Reinterpreted solarisation

Strange, wintry colorizations, and dark grounds serve to reveal fragile drawn lines. The evocation of scans and x-rays is a decoy, familiar symbols and figures are to be discovered under the magnifying glass.

New languages

Letters play around with typographical scores. Words play off their analogy to pictograms, eloquently borrowing from digital codes, intertwining agitated pencilings with agility. Like a graphic study of birds, chromatic harmonies borrow from scientific codes to draw actual or dreamt music.

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