Autumn Winter 17-18 Accessories


Autumn Winter 1718 enthusiastically shifts timelines, forming bridges between the past, present and future.
Audacious and fanciful, whether it produces a gentle transformation or an extravagant renaissance, this season is fascinated by bold polarisations, with accessories undergoing far-reaching changes.


Between genesis and cutting-edge genetics, a cyber-beauty is emerging, embodiment of a sensitive and sensual future.
A parallel universe so close that it begs to be touched an make the digital emotional. An invitation to delight in syrupy textures, glacé appearances, sensitive grains, modular constructions that encourage discovery. Snapshots of unreality, in colours that combine soft skins and sombre minerals.





Inspirations go wild: pictorial, baroque, pop, futuristic, chaos is reorganised with humour and the richness of its references is fascinating. A delicate revolution is underway, with disrupted classics and colours that reign supreme.
These reinterpretations emerge from diverging multicolour hues and bring a touch of extravagance to materials.

A tasteful disharmony for this new season.

Kneaded Memory © Dalila Gonçalves


Modern chemistry and a need for magic are creating contemporary alchemists.

MF b


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