Autumn Winter 17-18 Accessories


Autumn Winter 1718 enthusiastically shifts timelines, forming bridges between the past, present and future. Audacious and fanciful, whether it produces a gentle transformation or an extravagant renaissance, this season is fascinated by bold polarisations, with accessories undergoing far-reaching changes.


//Humanoid Print//

Between genesis and cutting-edge genetics, a cyber-beauty is emerging, embodiment of a sensitive and sensual future. A parallel universe so close that it begs to be touched an make the digital emotional.

Kneaded Memory © Dalila Gonçalves

//Insolent opulence //

Epochs overlap: Renaissance, baroque, pop, futuristic, this chaos is reorganised with humour and is fascinating for the richness of its references.
A tasteful disharmony for this new season.

MF b

//Jewel Focus//

Modern chemistry and a need for magic are creating contemporary alchemists.

Découvrez l’inspiration en visitant Le Forum au coeur du salon Première Vision. 

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