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A TASTE OF WHAT’S NEW AT THE OFFER MANUFACTURING is expanding, with a country tribute, a new specialised area, ...

Cloud of Fashion

Seizing creativity at its source, decoding it, spotting the right disruptors – this is our mission.

Nail Bar
Première Vision Paris : the highlights

Exclusive conferences and workshops, exhibitions, artistic installation, free events trail made in Première Vision Pa...

Première Vision Paris’ news #3

All the news of the third day

6 Viewpoints- How do brights expand traditional...

In my opinion , fluorescence is still in its infancy, yet it’s a trend impacting both prints and...

Pushing the limits of knits

This little blue sweater found at the Yarns & Knitwear Forum is a European co-creation. Designed by the Sophie S...

6 exhibitors views on lightness

How to infuse air into materials?

Première Vision Paris’ news #2

All the news of the second day

The flavours of the season by Nellie Partow

The New-York designer famed for her sumptuous fabrics and clean lines takes us on a tour of the forums to visit some ...

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