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Première Vision Paris focuses on insiders’ creativity


With each of its campaigns, Première Vision focuses on the talents who embody creativity.

Last September, Première Vision Paris paid tribute to young designers and fashion students.

For the upcoming Première Vision New York and Première Vision Istanbul shows, “locals” who represent their own creative culture will take center stage.

For its February 2016 edition, the show’s organizers wanted to turn the spotlight on the designers and creatives who work on the upstream side of the industry.

They are the weavers, tanners, furriers, accessory manufacturers, knitters and creative and textile design studios that dream up, invent and create the collections that bring the magic of fashion to life.

 They are the rarely seen and heard talents within the industry.
… And yet, as the tagline states: “Without them fashion would not be nearly as inspired.”


From left to right and bottom to top: Federica Martini Masoni, Style Office Chief – Masoni Industria Conciaria / Takao Ozaki, Creative Director – A-Girl’s / Jeremy Somers, Creative Director and Designer – Circleline / Rosa Pujol, Creative Manager – Gratacos, Riccardo Bruni, Textile Designer – Lyria / Wendy Richard, Style Manager – Mégisserie Richard


As a bonus, there is a video of the making of this campaign, which was shot behind the scenes at the recent Paris show.


Fabrics with a very high stretch-ability by Lanificio Europa SAS

visuel europa

For next Spring Summer 17 season, Lanificio Europa SAS will present fabrics with a very high stretch-ability and produced with special techniques that allow particular peculiarities to the end consumer and using special fibers like linen, metallic, trilobite polyester. The company will also present a wide range of fancies, like jacquards, printed articles, embroidered fabrics and yarn-dyed.

The production of stretch fabrics in cotton and mixed cotton for casual and sport wear (drill, gabardine and denim) is the main news of this company.

The fabrics are produced using a special registered yarn production system called “3twist”, which guarantees the shrinkage regularity after washing, perfect fitting and long durability of the garment.

Come and visit Lanificio Europa SAS, stand 6F38, Upper Jeanswear, / Hall 6 North

More about Lan Europa SAS > 

Discover the Upper Jeanswear weavers and manufacturers exhibitors > 



Historically, the objective of Indet is mixing trends with ancient techniques and traditional supports by combining the latest technological movements.

This season, Indet is concentred on the creation of visual texture on all the supports. The oxide effect or suminagashi marble can be reflected on all the labels that are on the clothes (hangtags, woven label, leather, etc…).This season, even the synthetic supports, can be represented on natural material, such as cork and wood.

Once again, Indet is looking for innovation for all the shapes of labelling. Especially for badges, that remain always in the life of the consumer. The brand is part of him/her. Also the brand is studying the elements that go with jewelry and mini packaging.

The vintage supports are mixed with technology. For instance, the use of thermos plastic and paper, foam with adhesive, etc…

Finally, Indet has become a real actor also as leather and synthetic manufacturer. He has now a large range of materials, process and technics that will not leave anyone indifferent.





Pronto Pelli presents its latest innovation. A light and airy leather that looks like lace. It presents an abstract and irregular pattern, created by laser processing and paired with tulle. This development will find many applications in the apparel sector and will allow leather to be more present in the summer collections. The product has been realized in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 4001:2004 standard, certifying the Company eco-compatibility based on the European “environmental management system” requirements.

M – Thermocolor – The treatment that made possible the colour change of woven labels thanks to a thermal boost.








Colour is an element of vivacity, glee and MUTATION, too. Driven by this emotional mood, Emmetex creative staff conceived and realized woven labels with a double identity, unveiled with a simple HEAT play. Woven accessories, primarily woven labels, but even patches and tapes, produced according to required colours, undergo a bath with heat reactive pigments which interacts with the jacquard base giving origin to a second chromatic identity. Following the action of a heat stress, like, for example, a slightly strong pressure of a hand, the applied colour is made invisible and discloses the original colours of the accessory. This is a SMART application, a chameleonic device of extreme simplicity. This development will allows stylists to conceive new solutions for swimsuits, t-shirts, shoes, accessories.




Riri Group, the supplier of zippers and fasteners, and Cobrax, its button division a brand new product: b.Lock, the one and only traction-proof snap. For sure, snap buttons are comfortable and easy to use but, sometimes, they can lose their grip when more resistance in needed. Consider a pair of rigid denim jeans, a trekking backpack or boats equipment: what may happen if a simple snap button opens? It is matter of elegance, of functionality and even safety. Designed to resist the strongest tractive forces, b.Lock is a concentrate of pure resistance born from the engineering innovation applied to small components by Riri. It looks just like any other Cobrax’s snap and it can be customized to produce the perfect snap for any need but, in the inside, b.Lock hides a futuristic core: thanks to its one-of-a- kind design it can be applied to any field where the need for resistance and functionality meets aesthetic requirements.




YKK’s snap fasteners and buttons provide the backbone to the fashion world’s utilitarian requirements, marrying style and function for designers long beyond their 2016 catwalk collections.  

As with all of YKK’s fastening solutions, its new ​ EDGE LOGO SNAP CAP has it own unique engineering characteristics, allowing for innovative personalisation even on the edge of the snap. Cutting-edge laser technology can be applied to any YKK Snap Cap, button,           sew-on or other product, so that each item is uniquely and distinctly branded, making each garment it applies unique and desirable.

A Fresh Look, Personalised
Modern and understated, the ​ EDGE LOGO SNAP’s true potential is released by the infinite customisable possibilities available on all YKK snaps, allowing for high-tech personalisation, be it by mould or laser, engraved or embossed logos, images or text. The same logo can be transferred onto buttons, sliders and pullers, allowing for full visual customisation and branding.


  • The ​ EDGE LOGO SNAP CAP is available in different sizes, using specific finishing it is possible to create different galvanic colours on the logo
  • Attaching is guaranteed in combination with all YKK FlexFix snaps and unparalleled technology
  • Using die cast technology YKK can develop excellent variation in size and shape

EWT tanning innovation

LIDER Image à la une

The company Lider who is in the sector since 1978, and open to new technology, as in the past cares deeply customers’ needs, welfare of humankind also impaired effects of our production activity. Therefore Lider have implemented a new tanning process which is environment-friendly. This No Chrome technology creates sustainable, viable and versatile production process.

Please see some significant outcomes of our state of the art EWT tanning innovation:


  • Tightened grain,
  • Whitish appearence,
  • Less visible flat wrinkles,
  • Excellent grain flatness,
  • Highlight, and heat resistance,
  • White color is possible,
  • Less vein marks,
  • No phenol, nor heavy metal ingredient,
  • No aldehyde, or formaldehyde chemicals,
  • No negative or allergic reaction on human skin.

Connected textile labels


Change your brand label into a marketing mobile tool.

Generate likes on your Facebook page, initiate mobile purchases, share product information and consumer advice or easily retrieve contact information from your target audience… discover all the advantages of the connected label by NEYRET.

The user scans with a smartphone a design and interactive smart logo and has immediate access to an unlimited mobile content in augmented reality!

Digitalize your brand, be present on mobile economy, one of the best way to develop communication and business. Give your customers a fun and innovative experience!


Etiquette Neyret


LECLAIREUR - image à la une

LECLAIREUR offers a unique vision of fashion, highlighting the most daring and avant-garde artists and designers in all its event spaces for the past 35 years.
Beyond its exhibition spaces and the exclusive fashion information it produces and offers each season, PREMIÈRE VISION regularly expresses its commitment to creativity and innovation.
Thus, for the next edition of PREMIÈRE VISION PARIS, LECLAIREUR and PREMIÈRE VISION are joining forces, launching the SHIGOTO PROJECT by LECLAIREUR x PREMIERE VISION.




JPG-OpenEye-black PNG-LOGO

The concept:

LECLAIREUR is calling 15 designers with distinct creative universes to reinterpret a key item in their men’s collection: the Shigoto jacket, iconic piece close to the heart of Armand Hadida, founder of LECLAIREUR.
This is an unprecedented project where all designers have carte blanche to imagine their own Shigoto jacket with fabrics, leathers and accessories were selected for their creative value at PREMIERE VISION PARIS last September.
The result: 15 unique pieces will be then each be made in a miniseries of 5 to 25 copies and available at LECLAIREUR as of next March.

shigoto en visuel

Digital Printing Lab by Demeure


Right inside the show dedicated to creative textile and surface designs, discover the Digital Printing Lab, a place to exchange ideas presented by the Demeure studio based on an “Extraordinary Jungle” theme.

Using this theme, and thanks to materials supplied by exhibitors at Première Vision Paris, the studio will demonstrate digital printing on various materials (fabrics, leathers).

The products featured come from the following Première Visio Paris exhibitors:

  • Philea (Première Vision Fabrics – stand 5E23),
  • Tessuti&Tessuti (Première Vision Fabrics – stand 5M32),
  • Bodin Joyeux (Première Vision Leather – stand 3G54),
  • Russo di Cassandrino (Première Vision Leather – stand 3E81/3F90).


The designs printed by Demeure were created and provided by the following Première Vision Designs exhibitors:

Appaloosa (GB) 5U13 / Camilla Frances Prints (GB) 5U9 / Circleline Design Studio (GB) 5Y32 / Din + Bloom (AU) 5V50 / Essential By Westcott (GB) 5U15 / Eye Dazzler (US) 5V24 / Fairbairn & Wolf Studio (GB) 5X60 / Fox in the Snow (FR) 5U35 / Keelergordon (GB) 5U16 5V13 / Le Pointillé (FR) 5U54 / Marta Cortese (IT) 5U57 / Nottene (US) 5Y28 / Prints of Orange (US) 5Y33 / Yveline Delezenne (FR) 5U63 / Zisser Textile Design (SE) 5X29

Little bags will also be created by Demeure using designs by Mokolo Voltaire (Première Vision Designs stand 5U71) and the Box à Motifs (Première Vision Designs – stand 5U66).


Digital Printing Lab 
Première Vision Designs, Hall 5 – Aisle Y